Mastersingers USA (MUSA) is a group of men who have sung with Prof. Bruce McInnes, who retired in 2001 after leading singing groups at Yale University, Amherst College, and the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, among other institutions. Bruce McInnes is on an indefinite leave of absence from Mastersingers USA.

Since 1996, MUSA has given concert tours in Europe every 2 or 3 years, and in off-years, the group has met for a weekend of rehearsals and performances in some city in the U.S. Though their rehearsal time together is brief and infrequent, members study their music intensively on their own prior to each meeting. When it’s all put together in a concert, the effect can be magical, and audiences typically marvel at how a geographically diverse group like this can produce such excellent results with just a few days of intensive rehearsal. The MUSA repertoire consists of sacred music (masses, motets, anthems, etc.), folk music from many countries, and the American folk songs and spirituals which have proven to be so popular all over the world.